Switch It. Change It. Rearrange It.

I woke up yesterday morning with a lot of pep-in-my-step. It was Saturday, I had just found out about a new home decor store that I was planning on exploring and we had no plans until dinner. I was intending to buy some much-needed new throw pillows for our sofa and perhaps a new rug for our entry-way to finally rid our home of all reds.

That was until {as I was carelessly lounging and drinking my morning coffee} I logged into my checking account and realized that was probably not a good plan. There are so many days my ambitions outweigh my ability to spend the way I want to for our home. I quickly fell into my pouty mood as I accepted the fact that the living room face-lift was not happening right now.

As I was brushing my teeth in our Master Suite shortly after, I realized this area needed some major TLC. A deep clean for certain, but maybe I could do more than that using what we currently had and rework the entire space. Chris already gave me the go-ahead to make this area my “girlish retreat” so that is where the day took a turn. I decided to wipe the pout off my face and put my big-girl pants on. The best way I can work on the home and not spend money is to deep clean and redesign!


BEFORE: The space is a Sunroom in our Master Suite upstairs. The entire upstairs is the Master Suite, actually. When you first walk in, you are immediately in the Sunroom and this space has always lacked any type of direction or design. It has been an office, a work-out room and in it’s latest condition it was carrying everything on one-side and had absolutely no balance or order.





I did add new hardware not too long ago which really perked-up this IKEA piece {which is actually intended for closets, but we used it for Chris’ work shoes and tie storage and the top as my vanity}.


AFTER: A deep clean and some redesigning. The space now carries weight on both sides and in the middle of the room. It has much more of an even-flow and is certainly more welcoming as you walk in. On a side-note, the “ombre” curtains were a mistake, but I realized I kind of like the eclectic look {at least for now}.

DSC_0482The table is now the center-piece with softer accents all around. I have decided not to use it as my vanity anymore either. I prefer the bathroom lighting anyway for make-up application 😉






I have had this chair for 3 years now and still adore the pop of color it brings into any space, especially one filled with black furniture!


DSC_0472Now, the table is repurposed and has a clean, girly vignette. Simple yet welcoming!


So, my conclusion is that, yes, I did want to go out and spend some money on new decor. But I decided to change up my outlook {which is never easy} and focus on changes that could be made without having to pull out my debit card. I am always an advocate for a solid deep clean as a way to feel welcomed back into your home. But sometimes, changing it up a bit with a simple redesign will make you feel like it’s all new to you. I am loving the how the girly-retreat is taking shape.


{Yours in Design – Meg}


Meghan Kathleen

I’m a creative junkie, DIY-er, sanctuary-seeking, wine-drinking, yoga believer with an itch to write a little bit. Newlywed, hopeful mom-to-be and devoted believer in Universal Energy. Peace and good vibes, please and thanks!


  1. Looks great! I am in the same boat as you. My project list and my bank account don’t always see eye to eye! 😉 I love that yellow chair… I think it would put a smile on my face every time I walked into the room!

    • Thanks Jen! Yes it can be such a challenge and overwhelming. It is nice to just get distracted in all that we already have 🙂 I appreciate the feedback!

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