Setbacks Happen. So We Decided To Stay Focused on the Good (And Delicious).

I came home from work last night with some good vibes filling my heart. I had a sparkling-clean home and was feeling motivated about life in general. For a Monday, that is just plain fabulous! 🙂

After I got off of the phone with my Mom, I decided to sit down for 10 minutes to read a little more of “Love the Home You Have” by Melissa Michaels from The Inspired Room. The book has been wonderful so far, I must say. But more on that later. As I am knee-deep in thought-provoking words, I faintly notice a constant noise, which sounded like light tapping, coming from our office/guest room. Low and behold, I am confronted by what looks to be a crack in the roof and dripping water creating a puddle on the floor below. The 7 straight days of rain had officially caught up with us. That combined with having mid-century modern flat roofs and no gutters, it was looking like big dollar signs were in our future. And as I was reading about how to love our home…you could cut the irony with a knife. I put a bucket down to catch the water and called Chris is crisis-mode.


So the plans for the new counter-tops were officially on hold. Yes, no glamorous spending is in our foreseeable future. Deep breath. Refocus.

Chris came home with tarp to temporarily “mend the wound”. I complained for a few minutes, naturally. And then it hit me…we could have no roof over our head. So shut up, Meg!

I told him to turn off the TV, put our phones away and turn on some Sinatra, baby. We are enjoying a lovely home-cooked meal on our fabulous new farm table tonight…


A new batch of fresh flowers always begins the setting to a happy space. I already mentioned it, but I’m so thrilled I bought these galvanized milk jars for $8.99 a piece at Big Lots. Already, my mood perked up just looking at our lovely table.



I am not a cook. Not that I can’t cook, I can, but I generally don’t enjoy the prep process so I usually leave it to Chris. Terrible, I know. But I clean everything!

Last night however, it felt really good to get focused on preparing a lovely meal for Chris and I that would distract us both from the roof situation. I made some of our favorites; Goat-Cheese Stuffed Chicken with Herbs de Provence, Roasted & Seasoned Root Vegetables and Frangelico-Reduction Green Beans. A perfect farm-table ready meal. No TV. Just some tunes, each other and some delicious food.



And when I woke up today, I was so gracefully reminded of the message I intended to share each day with myself {and at the most important stop for the day – the coffee bar}. Home challenges will arise and set us back, but by trying to stay focused on what we do have makes life a little more bearable.

So today, I say thank you to good food, good coffee, a gorgeous farm table and a lovely fiancé to share it all with.


{Yours in Design – Meg}

Meghan Kathleen

I’m a creative junkie, DIY-er, sanctuary-seeking, wine-drinking, yoga believer with an itch to write a little bit. Newlywed, hopeful mom-to-be and devoted believer in Universal Energy. Peace and good vibes, please and thanks!

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