Priceless Decor is Worth the Most

As I delve more and more into the world of nesting and home improvement, there are certainly feelings of both accomplishment and frustrations that come hand-in-hand with the experience. When we open our homes up to ourselves, we are reminded of paint chips, dirty base-boards and serious updates that need to be made in this place we call home. And, as we progress and conquer the ever-growing “to-do” list, we do feel a sense of satisfaction and peace with the transition our homes are making. I struggle day-in and day-out with the battle of loving my home and just wanting to put it on the market to start over with something new.

That never does work, does it? Just like a wounded relationship, a new home will not fix any problems or perceptions just like a new significant other will not fix your life. Only the love and patience you give to yourself will heal anything that is damaged, including the relationship you have with your home. By no means I am claiming to have mastered the zen of being in perfect harmony with my own home. I look at others’ gorgeous abodes on Instagram, Pinterest and in magazines and swoon over the perfection I believe they are embracing. Many times, I wander through stores and longingly admire rugs, chandeliers, and other sensational statement pieces I cannot afford but so desperately want to cart. And nearly every single day I have to promptly delete most emails sitting in my inbox from West Elm, Pottery Barn and Joss & Main in order not to open up the can of “want” anymore.

The funny thing is, for any decent amount of money we have ever spent creating our home, I still find the most beauty and contentment when I look at the pieces that simply have no price.  These are not necessarily the sexy items on display at Pottery Barn, but I can say these are things I will never grow tired of…



This Conch shell came from our trip to Jamaica to celebrate our engagement and my 30th birthday. And while sea art is not my style so-to-speak, every time I look at this I am immediately taken back to that amazing period of our lives. It fills my heart up to the point of bursting.



I was recently handed-down my maternal Grandmother’s china. While at first, I had no idea what I was going to do with any of it, it has slowly seeped into several nooks of our home. Not only do I melt over the gorgeous blue and white pattern, but it brings back fond childhood memories of dinners at her home. I look at this everyday {which is now spread among my coffee bar, dining room and on additional kitchen shelving} and I remember Emily.




I am an animal lover to the max. There was a point in my life when I desperately attempted to go vegan and join animal rights groups. When we first moved into The Dreaming Tree as merely Boyfriend and Girlfriend, my artistic Mother made these gorgeous, adorable charcoal pieces as house warming gifts. She knows I love animals, but the symbol they hold of 2 beings that are united by love is what really captures me. And the fact that my talented, sweet mother is rooting for us as a couple, well what could mean more?



You may not think this one brings me a chuckle each day, but it does. Chris is a mountain man {and by mountain man, I mean he loves to climb mountains and would be classified as an outdoors-man to a tee.}. These are actually dried wild flowers from Mt. Timpanogos in Utah during one summer day and one long, hot and exhausting hike. Every time I commit to going on any hike with him, he always tells me it’s a much shorter and milder hike than it actually is. He has his tricks to get me there. Well, on this day I really thought I was going to fall over with heat-exhaustion. He handed these to me, fresh and colorful at the time, and I thought to myself, “What good are these going to do?” as I was panting for water. I can be so crabby! For some reason, I decided to save them. And I still laugh at how he is like a child with his enthusiasm and innocence thinking picking me wild-flowers would help perk me up. They may not have at the time, but they do everyday now.



My paternal Grandmother reminds me a lot of myself. She had the same eyes and curious spirit about the world around her. I believe a lot of who I am today can be traced back to the person she was as a young woman. She has passed and I miss her. The only photo I have of her is the photo given at her funeral. And, although not professionally framed, I see it everyday anchoring the books that ground me as well. It doesn’t need to look perfect for me to feel joy when I see her eyes beaming with happiness in this photo.



I can’t say I am a big fan of purple. But, this poem was written for me and about me by a street-artist in Asheville with the help of Chris {and on a type-writer I may add}. He gave it to me on our 3rd anniversary. I have hung it in my closet and see it everyday when I am dressing for the long day ahead. A perfect reminder of his love for me.




Vision boards are very intimate things, but not sharing this would really be doing a disservice to my entire point. This corner {also in my closet} is a space of refreshment and a graceful reminder of what is important and what I want from life. It isn’t sexy or any sort definition of perfection in decorating, but it is my free-spirited little nook where I can see life for all that it is and all that it will be.


{Yours in Design – Meg}

Meghan Kathleen

I’m a creative junkie, DIY-er, sanctuary-seeking, wine-drinking, yoga believer with an itch to write a little bit. Newlywed, hopeful mom-to-be and devoted believer in Universal Energy. Peace and good vibes, please and thanks!

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