I Know Nothing about Gardening

When I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to start our very-own organic vegetable garden, he had the plans to build one drawn up within the hour. If this meant he got to rev up his 1979 Ford F100, load up on piles of wood and soil and whip out his assortment of power tools, well why not get it going?

I was kind of floored that this happened as organically {no pun intended} as it did. By all means, lets do this. But I had not even read a mere sentence about gardening nor did I know the first thing about what can thrive in the rainy, hot state of Florida. But I planted the seed {again, really not meaning to lay out these puns here} and it was happening so I better figure out something.

It took 2 days for Chris to construct this masterpiece. I still can’t believe this guy sometimes. He really should add “I can figure anything out” to his business cards.




102 square-feet of nothing but gardening space right here. And 102 square-feet of “What the heck am I going to do with this?” written all over my face.

Okay, so this is what has happened since the construction was completed:

We got some great advice; “It’s too late in the season to plant seeds.”. Step one, talk to someone who knows what the hell they are doing, check. Step two, plant some plants. Do we know what will grow? Absolutely not. Do we know that nothing will grow unless we plant something? Yup. So we went to Lowes {nothing organic there, by the way} and piled up on some baby herbs, peppers in all varietals, tomatoes and even some tiny strawberry plants and planted those little squirts in the first box {which just so happens to be the only box with soil at the moment}. And finally, step three, apply water and be patient, dammit.

So here was conundrum with step three; I am the most inpatient person in the Western Hemisphere. In here somewhere is a brilliant gift from the Universe. I have to wait, and there is nothing I can do about that, for these little plants to do their thing. That’s it. Water them and wait. Some may be fruitful {pun intended on that one} and some may not thrive but it all comes down to patience and time. I don’t know a thing about the hobby besides if there ever was an endeavor that did not provide instant gratification, it is gardening. The rest I will have to learn with time like many other great things in life.

And for what its worth, I have now started each day with feeding the pups, brewing a fresh cup of coffee and then spending a half hour outside with my plants. I water them, I sit with them and I just “be” with them. I never realized how therapeutic it really is to tend to your green thumb. I have always heard the ideal time to meditate everyday is upon waking and never understood that concept. I mean, I was JUST sleeping and now you think I should wake up and RELAX? Gardening may differ, but the bit of solace and mindlessness it requires is a remarkably liberating and energizing way to slow down and start the day.


Meghan Kathleen

I’m a creative junkie, DIY-er, sanctuary-seeking, wine-drinking, yoga believer with an itch to write a little bit. Newlywed, hopeful mom-to-be and devoted believer in Universal Energy. Peace and good vibes, please and thanks!


  1. I love it. You have a refreshing way of expressing yourself. So real. Thank you for sharing.

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