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Once I started my @gatsbyhome Instagram account, I instantly noticed the community of home DIYers who were displaying their “coffee bars” or “coffee nooks”. I immediately fell in love. I mean, what could possibly be better than dedicating a space in your kitchen that centers around one of our favorite pastimes; drinking coffee! I had to have one. And with our terribly long galley kitchen, ample counter space in addition to a much needed kitchen wall that needed filling, this coffee bar thing was totally happening.

I know a lot of people may be wondering what exactly is a coffee bar? Well the beauty of it is, its whatever you want it to be. As long as it incorporates your “coffee area” {or “tea area”}, it can contain any type of décor that compliments your space. It is your nook. Think of it this way; If coffee is the first thing you want in the morning {for me it is}, don’t you want that space to be inviting and lovely?

I was on Pintrest practically all of Saturday morning seeking inspiration. Here are some examples I had found. There are plenty out there, but I want to show just a few to give you an idea of why I SOOO needed to make one in our kitchen…


A very small space, but adorable! {Source}


This coffee bar is actually a small table which I had discovered many to be designed using tables versus counter tops. When you don’t have ample counter space, this is a perfect way to create your coffee bar. (Source)


My favorite of all of the inspirations! Love the subway tiles, love the canisters…I would just love to make this my first morning stop. (Source)

So the quest began to design our own. I already knew the space we would use. We had 2 windows in our galley kitchen and a free wall in-between them. It quite literally had been open for 2 years since we moved in and desperately needed a filler. We had been discussing adding shelving. Well, Chris wanted to add more cabinets but I knew this would close in our already narrow kitchen. I was able to convince him on my final design pick; salvaged, distressed wood shelving. Love adding rustic touches wherever I can.

Here is the before photos of the space and the 2 pieces of Western Cedar/Douglas Fir that we located at store called Gleman & Sons in Oviedo, Florida. They were on sale for $37 a piece! The brackets were $10 for 2 at Lowes. Great deal for the space considering he wanted to add cabinets and I knew this would look better anyway 😉 {On a side note, we were considering making these floating but Chris explained to me that it would be a pretty permanent thing if we took that route. I wanted to take these with us if and when we move someday.}

IMG_4998  IMG_4999

IMG_5005  IMG_5008

I just adore how raw and rustic they are. We couldn’t have located 2 better pieces.

Finally, it was time to arrange and accessorize, my favorite thing about redesigning! I know this space will pop even more once we add in white Quartz countertops and subway tile backsplash. But even now I am so drawn to it’s cozy, inviting charm. I have been staring at it since yesterday {I am in love}! To decorate, I went with the theme of coffee, tea and bakeware. All seemed to go hand-in-hand for me so it was natural to accessorize it as such. Knowing me, I will add to this with more décor {thinking hooks for mugs, chalkboards or maybe a cute sign}. But by being able to use what I already had, I feel like it came out pretty nice for the first go-around. The antique blue English china was my Grandmothers so being able to incorporate this made it all the more lovely to me. I just adore our new coffee-bar!



So, cheers to coffee breaks and DIY coffee bars! {And tea time!}

{Yours in Design – Meg}

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