Dining Room. Or the Plan for One…

I’ve mentioned many times how our house is unique and quirky in it’s design. Once a garage for auto repairs turned into a home receiving addition after addition, it currently has some funky spaces. There really is no formal dining room but we have attempted to make something of the sort. When we moved in, I was not yet in any sort of “nesting” mode and the thought of something simple (such as a pub-style table) worked just fine. I was open to anything that would function with the home’s flow and provide us a place to chow down and play Apples to Apples with our friends.


Well I was pretty proud of the table Chris built with the help of our good friend Mike. The legs/base on this table are from an antique piano that was left in Mike & Ashley’s home when they moved in. Those boys had fun deconstructing that piano and using it’s pretty parts to build new things. We received the base for our pub-table from it. I love it in it’s rustic, raw form. The table top? Ughh not so much. It was a filler of sorts. But it is quite wimpy looking in comparison to those legs on the table. Now that I am certifiably in “nesting mode”, I want more a dedicated dining space even if it isn’t extravagantly formal.

THE PLAN: It will be challenging. The space is limited as the door behind the table {photo above} leads to a large guest room. There is another door on the other side {in photo below} that leads to a bathroom. Awesome, right? I just love using the restroom when people are dining merely feet away from me. But we are fairly confident we can add 3/4 of a feet on each side to extend the width and 1 & 1/2 feet on each end to extend the length. Ultimately, we are thinking a farm-table look with pub-table height {and I have never seen one before so anxious that maybe we will have one-of-a-kind!}. We will arrange the chairs {from Restoration Hardware, love these chairs!} so there is still 1 on each end and 2 on one side. Then, build a custom upholstered bench for the other side. The process to find reclaimed wood for the table-top panels is in motion folks! Farm table, here you come.




There is that bathroom door. I mean, not a whole lot we can do about that except give our guests the courtesy of turning up the music when they go to the loo. Fortunately, it is a very large bathroom and the toilet is in the far back.



MORE PLANS: Right now, the recessed lighting does not line up with the center of the table so any sort of light treatment would be far off-centered. With the extension and redesign of the table, a light fixture or chandelier will be a must. A larger rug will also work better with more table to anchor it.

Then we get to that door that awkwardly opens into the room. I have been campaigning for a sliding barn door for 2 months now. Chris is adamant this would be a nightmare to install which highly confuses me considering the man built a 500 sq. ft. deck and a horizontal fence. But, I noticed he was researching sliding barn doors recently, which means we have progress and he is interested ;-). Baby steps friends…baby steps.



The gold plate that on the legs is my favorite piece from the table. It was actually in the piano. What a cool salvage. It will always stay.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Okay…so I know this stencil work took us 3 entire days, a case of beer, 2 bottles of wine, 2 pizzas and a lot of stress to complete. I have appreciated it for the year + we have had it. I think. When I told Chris I wanted to repaint this wall and the entire dining room, he thought I was joking. “After 3 days, you want to paint over it?”. Yes, yes I do. I am proud of it for certain but the fact of the matter is it is far to busy for such a narrow space. We don’t have a lot of natural lighting so my idea is to extend the new gray/white color from our living room into this space as well. That’s the plan. And this actually may happen this weekend. Chris will not be helping and I will choose my battles on this issue. I can’t say I blame the poor guy!

As you all know, plans change often and warp into new plans. But they are what keep me excited, energized and broke.

I am kidding about broke. We could spend $2,000 on a farm-table but in this house, we DIY and, ultimately, we save. I am very excited to show you the dining room makeover once complete!



{Yours in Design – Meg}



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