Check the Returned Paint Section

Just check it! I know the colors are normally hideous, hence the return, but like all salvaging you never can be sure what you will find. In this case, we went to Lowes pretty dead set with a color in mind for 2 pieces we were going to tackle over the weekend. I picked out the perfect gray; a mid-gray with blue undertones that would still contrast with the walls. As I was getting ready to hand in my selection to the paint specialist, Chris said, “Let’s just see what they have in the returned section.” Yeah right, is what I was thinking. But low and behold, the exact same color was returned. And a high quality Valspar Semi-Gloss Interior Paint at that. Normally $43 a gallon, this find was marked down to $20.

So this weekend’s make-over cost us $27 {I also bought a new paint brush…you have to replenish on those as much as I paint!}. Not to mention, I only used about 1/5th of the gallon so there is still enough in there for more projects or even a medium sized room.

OK. Rewind…

When Chris suggested we paint both of these pieces {guest bathroom vanity and the entertainment center} because he thought they looked dated, I had to stop to catch my breath. Say what? YOU think we should PAINT? I think I am actually training him with my style. At-ta boy, baby! Not that I hadn’t thought of these transformations myself, let’s be clear on that 😉


BEFORE; dated and hated

IMG_5787 (2)

IMG_5788 (2)






DSC_0508The coloring in these 2 top photos are slightly off and I couldn’t correct it. The bathroom tiles are definitely not yellow but more of a dark sand color {which we would like to replace eventually}. The back wall is a minty blue.





DSC_0511This lighting certainly displays the true color better than the bathroom lighting does. It is unquestionably gray but there are pale blue undertones in it as well. It is super soothing and relaxing versus how harsh and heavy it was before.





I was shocked when we tested a patch on both pieces as to how magnificently it went on; no sanding or priming needed! Because it’s a high quality paint, it really applied effortlessly and has a flawless, even finish. Both pieces look practically perfect to me, even up close. I still can’t believe how simply this whole project came together.

Now, I am working on Chris to convince him that we need some creative way to hide those speakers. But this alone has been a night and day difference so I am thinking I will just be thankful for that much for now! My quest for light and bright in our home is coming together, one gallon of paint at a time.


{Yours in Design – Meg}

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