Hey There!

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Hello and welcome! I started this blog in 2015 when I was going through a serious “nesting” phase and was literally obsessed with interior design. More than that, I was obsessed with taking nothing and turning into something. I love the art of a good salvage. And who doesn’t love saving money when possible? I was on a quest to turn my home into the ultimate “design-on-a-dime” sanctuary.

Since that time, a lot has changed. I was married in September of 2015, changed jobs, left the new job when I realized how much I was not meant to be in sales, took another job that was temporary, stood beside my husband as he left his job and started his own business… all of that coupled with trying to start a family. It has been an eventful year to say the very least. And, even in moments when I am feeling the “woe-is-me” overtake my emotions, frustrated by the struggles of trying to find a decent, full-time job and seeing negatives on pregnancy tests over and over, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Faith is a remarkable force… you just have to have it ya’ll!

So, this blog is now just being dedicated as my space to reflect, share and simply gab a little. Sure, there are lots of home projects and constant things in the home that I still get all sorts of giddy over. But in the end, there is so much more to life beyond having the perfect home. Let us start with a little self-love, shall we?

{May good vibes be with you – Meg}