A Love Affair With Dutch Doors



My latest obsession; the classic Dutch Door. They remind me of a magical cottage out of a fairy tail popular in my childhood. There is something so sophisticated yet relaxed and inviting about them. I am seriously having a love affair looking up images of these beauties.

Intrigued by their history, I discovered they are also known as Stable Doors in England. Which, naturally, makes perfect sense. I can just visualize Mr. Ed’s head peeping through. And, yes, they do go back to the 17th century Netherlands as well hence the name Dutch. As you may have guessed, their purpose is simple;  to keep animals out, children in and to allow a natural breeze to flow through the house while keeping dirt at bay. So simple. So natural. So perfect.

Not all the bit surprising, but I am already thinking of ways we can DIY this. Perhaps cut our doors in half and jazz them up a bit? I kid, I kid. No, but really…

Enjoy these fairy-tail worthy masterpieces. They are simply sensational, especially for the summer.



Inspiration - Dutch Door - Coastal Living Mag

{Coastal Living Mag}









{Hooked on Houses}



{Chadwick Custom Wood Doors}



{House Beautiful; design by Windsor Smith}

{Yours in Design – Meg}

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  1. You are such a great writer! So talented. I am adore these Dutch Doors – had no idea that there was a name for the great doors! Thanks for enlightening me 🙂

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